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Q&A with Christian LeLoux, Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader, Ernst & Young

Christian LeLoux, currently Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader at Ernst & Young, talks about his initial foray into sourcing, past [...]

Sourcing Report

What does a typical sourcer look like? What tools and techniques are most frequently used to find talent? [...]

Delegate's Corner: Get to know Damon Klotz

Damon Klotz (aka HRockstar) an HR professional from QLD talks about his background, HR/Recruitment events and his views on sourcing. [...]

Q&A with Jason Timor, Adviser, Indigenous Recruitment Qantas

Jason Timor, a Badu Island man from the Torres Strait, is an accomplished recruiter with significant agency and in-house experience [...]

Q&A With Paul Jacobs

Paul wears many hats - entrepreneur, social media evangelist, employment branding consultant, community DJ and conversation stirrer - but a [...]

Sourcing Summit Agenda

We have more details on the presentation formats, agenda and topics to be covered at the Sourcing Summit. [...]

Sourcing Summit Dinner

It's a tough life. [...]

Q&A With Andrea Mitchell

Google anything to do with sourcing in Australia and it's hard to not come across Andrea Mitchell. [...]

Five Free Sourcing Workshops Announced

Workshops offer a different learning environment. [...]

Q&A With Gad Weinbach

As a former criminal investigator with the Israeli army Gad Weinbach spent a lot of time trying to 'find people [...]

So you think you can source

In a nutshell sourcing is often about finding the difficult to find. [...]

Linkedin Groups Part 1: Groups in Boolean Search

One of the areas I always do research around, regardless of the type of role or industry, is LinkedIn Groups. [...]