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How to get to #SOSU11 venue without using GPS

Getting to the #SOSU11 venue is easy. 1) If you are from out of town ask a local (or Google [...]

My #1 sourcing secret

Have you tried this awesome sourcing strategy http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=sEtiIqyh1rk ? This short video explains everything. [...]

Who am I?


Download Australasian Sourcing Summit Printer-Friendly Schedule...

Just posted up a printer-friendly version of the workshop schedule and conference agenda: http://sourcingninja.net/2011/08/printable-australasian-sourcing-summit-sched... [...]

Live Blogging and Hot-Sourcing in Sydney

I wrote a bit of a light-hearted post on my recruitment blog The Whiteboard last week, looking ahead to this [...]

Hello Sydney

From: Jonathan Rice [mailto:jonathan@riceconsulting.co.nz] Sent: Tuesday, 9 August 2011 3:14 p.m.To: 'post@posterous.com'Subject: Hello SydneyJust checked into the hotel [...]

Sourcing Summit Update for Delegates

The Sourcing Summit is just one day away. [...]

Registration Badge

Hello delegates don't forget to register for your event badge. [...]

Sourcing Summit live blogging site

Hello delegates!  Welcome to the live-blogging site for the Sourcing Summit.  This site is where delegates will share information [...]

Q&A with Brent Pearson

Founder and 'Director of Cool Shit and Chaos' at HRX, Brent Pearson is perhaps one of the pioneers of internet [...]

Welcome Delegates

G'day or Kia Ora (for our NZ delegates)! Firstly, a big 'thank you' for supporting our event. Considering the lineup [...]

Q&A with Nicole Cain

Nicole Cain's early career was spent as a corporate librarian, followed by business research for firms like Ernst & Young [...]