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My Sourcing Story: Q&A With Marcel Rietveld, TalentMapper

Name: Marcel Rietveld Location : Amsterdam Company: TalentMapper Twitter: @marcelrietveld Q1. [...]

My Sourcing Story : Q&A With Jan Bernhart, Optiver

We caught up with serial #sosueu presenter and sourcing tragic Jan Bernhart who currently work for Optiver in Amsterdam. [...]

My Sourcing Story : Q&A With Alejandro Spicker, Goodgames Studio

This week we spoke to Alejandro Spicker who currently work for Goodgames Studio in Hamburg. [...]

My Sourcing Story : Q&A With Klara Hermesz, BMC Software

We are staring a new section where we profiled people who work in sourcing across Europe. [...]

9 Steps To Create A Successful Sourcing Strategy

If you are effective and efficient in what you normally do, you naturally stick to it. [...]

Screw Linkedin: Hire through Instagram, Product Hunt, Couchsurfing, Strava and Airbnb

Most articles about hiring through the upcoming social media are really lame and only say: ‘post relevant content on Snapchat’ [...]

Sourcing Summit Europe (#SOSUEU) is Back in Amsterdam on 28-29 Sep

Souring Summit Europe is back! For the fourth  consecutive year, #SOSUEU will be held in Amsterdam on 28-29 September. [...]

Making the client your ally… YES... as a sourcer!

If you think about it, sourcing is quite a magical skill to have. [...]

Q&A With Christelle ARQUIÉ, Talentsoft

We spoke to Christelle ARQUIE, marketing manager at Talensoft Can you tell about how talentsoft started and where it stands [...]

Q&A With Bas Westland, MC SOSUEUROPE

We had a chat with Bas Westland of ePeople. [...]

Reaching The Utmost Of Sourcing Productivity - aka How To Build A Sourcing Factory?

They say candidate sourcing is sexy, the special playground of “smart nerds,” the engine behind a continuous inflow of [...]

Global Sourcing Tips And How To Find The Best Software Engineers in Israel

I LOVE global sourcing. I think it's fascinating. [...]